A Big Fat Boost!

Heyyy Friends!

Hope you’re great!

Or not!

Power and blessings to you either wayyy!

Photo by Tigz Rice Studios

My darling Prinx reminded me recently, on a down day, to turn away from churning social media and look to my inspirations, online, offline, above and below the line, to get back in touch with me, myself and moi. So a few weeks later and a few reminds and lots of tears and cuddles and breathing, I’m feeling like I’m on the other side of a little MH dip.

In a world where it’s easy to feel like you have no choices or control, it’s nice to be reminded that how you FEEL is one of the few things you can choose and harmonise with. How freeing in fact… and so I’m choosing to create a regular Wednesday post of inspire: blogs, videos, treats, tasks… all to help you remember, to breathe and to lift up into your feelings. Put time and energy into making yourself feel good, strong, focused, fresh, free, alive and awake. Who gives a flying fuck what anyone else thinks? This life is yours so lets shake off some dust, cry a bunch, rage in glitter and then fly forward!

Burlesque from both sides…. NINA LA VOIX captured by Georgia Krause


  • The Vulnerable Podcast LISTEN HERE  “A monthly podcast exploring Vulnerabilities as strengths and not weaknessess” Yesss! From depression to friendship break ups, self doubt to sex, a varied and, yes, very vulnerable podcast.
  • Femme, Collectively LISTEN HERE “Femme, Collectively is a podcast made out of love and intention to create space for queer femmes.” They chat kink, healing, community and beyyyond.
  • Inner Hoe Uprising LISTEN HERE “A smart & funny podcast about sex, love, and dating from 4 black feminist 20 somethings living in NYC.” They talk about it allllllll darlings! and they are funnyyy AF!


  • HEY QWEEN with Johnny McGovern featuring CANDIS CAYNE and LINA BRADFORD… I love Hey Qween, Johnny and especiallyyy Lady Red! And this ep with NYC icons is wonderful and makes me WISH I was there back in the rough and readyyy city days of the downtown artists and scene! WATCH HERE!
  • THIS IS HOME featuring Canada’s drag king and performance queer Flare Smyth. A fun and sweet tour of their place and space in Toronto! WATCH HERE!
  • THIS OR THAT: Burlesque Game! Yesss! An amazing archive of this piece of cabaret and NYC historyyy! WATCH HERE! So manyyy amazing moments and so much amazing footage from Burlesque stars and legends when they were babiesss! Oh the joyyy! Ohhh the filth!


  • REPLACE an hour of podcast listening, Netflix watching, for these calming and stirring sound waves! LISTEN HERE! I’m loving learning more about the science of sound and our human history connections to it. Who knows if it ‘works’, I just know it makes me feel reallyyy good!
  • SWAP 30 minutes of television, youtube, facebook scrolling for a good book! I know I knowww! But the reason you’re resisting reading is because you’re resisting the vulnerability and the possibility of space and imagination darlings! Get over it and get into something, even a light little something, to start off; it’s just about engaging your brain in a different way!
  • ADD three 3 minute breaks to your day, where all you do is breathe! DEEPLYYY DARLINGS!

    Collin Lynch of Essarai Ceramics 



Paco Pomet


That’s it darlings!

Hope you feel warmer!
Or at least know you have a place to turn for future if you need a lift!


Rubyyy  /  Rebecca  /  Rose

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