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Tales of Black Eyed Jack

Hello Darlings!

Happyyy New Year!
Happy ‘New Year’!
Happy 2018!

I’m writing you from Canada, the Prinx and a cat prinx by my side, at the tail end of our long proper holiday! Whewww, it has been a lovely holiday but challenging as well. For many reasons it has been challenging, but one of them being how hard it is to disconnect from the digital world, from work, BUT as I said in my previous post, I had an extended Facebook ban to assist with the space taking. And lack of phone access, phone battery, etc! The Universe was conspiring for a lot of space, for, again, a lot of reasons.

More On That Soon
So Much To Process
So Much I’m Still Processing…

Sooo the Prinx and I are here till Monday and we’re getting back to work in a computer kinda way this week and I’ve got so much to write and so many things I wanted to share cause I’m going to keep reflecting on my 2017 and all my 33 years this year! Reflecting, processing, moving forward with knowing! And 2018 has started off sweetly, softly and, yes, with loads of sass!

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Tales of Black Eyed Jack

I did a fabulous show, late last year, at the Komedia in Brighton: Tammie Brown and Friends, produced by Drag You Under The Bus! What a fucking sweet night it was! YES! I love the venue, and had a student showcase there earlier in the year and everyone at the Komedia is wonnnderful and the DYUTB team is dynamic and darling! The cast was kick ass and you can see some more amazing snaps like the one below on their facebook page

25073465_575979132733790_172201241736839644_oScreen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.01.32Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.02.16Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 13.00.34

…Snaps by the fabulous Veronika Teo and Lucy LeBrocq!

And from this glorious night I connected with the darling and talented illustrator, Tales of Black Eyed Jack, who also creates the wonderful Sassify Zine! And darlings, the first two illustrations above are from my interview with them and a sneak peek at the vivid queertastic zine and features they edit and curate. You can check out my full interview HERE and I loved sitting down to answer these thoughtful questions and I couldn’t WAIT to see the sassified illustration of me. Thank Youuu BEJ! Have a read and enjoyyy!

I can feel it!
2018 is indeed going to be sassyyy!


Rubyyy / Rebecca / Rose

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