Ljubljana Pride

Hi Darlings!

Another Day
Another Facebook Ban!

Here is the video which goes against FB’s community standards…
YES there is a few seconds of nipples,
During a performance piece about rape,
But there’s also a lot of discussion about autonomy, intersectionality and feminism.
Which they hate most!
Also doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence that, within 30 minutes of private messaging a friend about FB’s facist leanings, a video I posted over 8 months ago is flagged; one which is on several other pages on FB remain all fine and have been there for longer so…

Enjoyyy this radiant video by the amazing Tomas Louis who I miss sooo much

Todayyy Ljubljana is closer than it has been in awhile.
Some aspects have stayed very close,
I’m being haunted I suppose,
In a non spooky wayyyy.
While others elements are much further away.
It was a very fractured time when I was there…
For me.
And so many things about being a Queer abroad is scary,
Well so many thing about being a Queer anywhere is scary,
But being visibly Queer when you’re far from your home and network;
That feels scary in a putting-yourself-back-in-the-closet kinda way
In a working-through-your-internalised-homophobia kinda way…
Which is good
But hard.
And so it was good
But hard to be there.
Same as it’s good
And hard to be a Queer.

I’ll never forget the thick fog that rolled in the day we arrived
The black bun which numbed lip for months
The fear intensifying as the fog drew in
The cold I couldn’t shake off
The warmth of the people
Beauuutiful brown twinkly eyes
A real Queer community outside of the Western World
The closeness of it all
The danger of it all
The realness of it all

I cannot wait to return!


Rubyyy / Rebecca / Rose

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