Me With Moi!

Hellooo Darlings!
Long Time No Chat!
October Is A Crazyyy Month
A Month Of New And Ancient!
A Month Of Darkness And Everlasting Light!
A Month Of Celebration And Remembrance!
Myyy Birthdayyy Month Too…
So Always Emosh And Alive!

One of the special things I did was attend the latest exhibition of brilliant artist and individual, Sarah Muirhead, at the Leyden Gallery in Shoreditch…

Following her previous sell-out 2015 show Bonded at Leyden Gallery, these new paintings are exhibited for the first time in Muirhead’s eagerly anticipated second solo exhibition. For over a year the artist Sarah Muirhead has been working on a collection of images of people she knows, many of whom are idealized or adored. In doing so she is visually exploring the notion of fetishisation of people we adore or lust after. This adoration of the other in our visual spaces of culture exist within the realms of fetishism, where looking and being looked at play a crucial role. Viewed through a psychoanalyic lens, Muirhead’s paintings are said to focus on depictions of professional extroverts; often performers, who offer an expanded creative sight/site by which to illustrate the feelings and desires of an introvert, namely the artist.

Each subject appears realistic, touchable and tangible but their incarnation is unreal, unreachable. Sarah Muirhead

I was so happy to be approached by Sarah and was really blown away by the work that she had already created and the vivid perspective and palette she plays in. Not to sound like an asshole but I get approached by artists and photographers a lot, and there are very few who I want to work with, trulyyy, because I’ve been modelling in art for many years now and I know how I collaborate best and, pretty quickly, who I want to work with. Sarah was a YES! Because of the diversity of bodies in her body of work, her honourific approach and the unique POV of her pieces. And I was BLOWN away by the piece she created and her graciousness!

The Watched

The piece ‘Rubyyy’ is still available for purchase and here’s a pic of The Prinx for scale…

Rubyyy by Sarah Muirhead

Practicallyyy Life Size Darlings!
How Fabulous!

Thank you to Sarah, for the wonderment, and Leyden Gallery for hosting such a radiant show and asking me to take part in the panel ‘Voyeuristic Tendencies’, along with the lovely arts journalist, Anna McNay. It was fascinating to be a part of this discussion, and wonderful to hear more about Sarah’s thoughts on both the artist and the muse’s role in the voyeuristic possibilities of visual art. Stay tuned for transcripts and clips from this special event.

Get In Touch If You Want A Rubyyy For Your Boudoir, Bathroom Or Whateverrr!


Rubyyy / Rebecca / Rose

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