BBF 2017…

Photo By The Wonderful Kimmi Jayne


Another Year!
Another Celebration!
Another Outstanding Bristol Burlesque Festival!

I have had the honour of performing at Bristol Burlesque Festival EVERYYY GLORIOUS YEARRR! At various venue, in various roles, it is always a wonderful gathering of enthusiastic artists and artistic enthusiasts!

Two Years Of Mcing!
Three Years Of Dancing My Ass Off!
CHECK THIS OUUUT… Filmed and edited by Emily Woodridge Filmed and edited by Emily Woodridge Filmed and edited by Emily Woodridge Filmed & Edited by Becky Hardy


It was wonderful sharing the stage with so many wonderful performers who are lovely and gorgeous in all ways plus bringing political punch in new and glorious ways! Loved every minute of it!

Filmed & Edited by Becky Hardy

DIS CHARGE Our MC, whose opener act was a moving act of decadent devotion!
RHIANNON WHITE Outstanding pole dancer and sparkling stripper extraordinaire!
OPHELIA WILDE Punchy moves and sizzling sensuality from this petite showgrrrl!
TRIXI TASSELS A radiant classic queen, I adore her #FreeTheNipples neo piece!
BONNIE KNOCKERS Neo feminist burlesque at it’s finest, a brave and bawdy turn!
GOOD NESS GRACIOUS Drag king Donald Trump, just as disturbing as you’d imagine!
KHESKI KOBLER A vivid and hysterical trip with one of history’s most infamous Suits!
KIMMY VON SHIMMY A sensual and sparkling experience, a goddess in our midst!
JEEZ LOUEEZ International sensation, a precious warrior and one hell of a showgirl!

It Was So Great To Be Back!
Sooo Highlyyy Recommend!
Sooo Grateful For Gatherings And Celebrations Such As Theeese!


Rubyyy / Rebecca / Rose

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