Queer Cooking…




How Are You Doing?!
I’m Goood!
I’m Having A Prettyyy Good Week!
Had A Gorgeous Photo Shoot On Mondayyy
Had A Gorgeous Class On Monday & Tuesdayyy
Have A Gorgeous Prinx Every Dayyy
I’ve Got A Night Off For The Full Harvest Moon
I’ve Slept Funny And My Neck Fucking Hurts…
But I’m Good!

I’ve Got So Much Goodness Going On!
Coming Up!
Going Down!
Glad I’ve Got This New Space For Sharing…

One Of The Lovely Things I Experienced In September
Was Preparing And Shooting
Home, A Queer Cooking Show
And Here’s A Little Trailer Morsel For You To Munch…

Delicious Right?!
I’ll Be Sure To Share Me And The Prinx’s Video

It Was Wonderful And Warm
Creating The Film With Michael!
And Prinx Lydia Of Course!
Before We Shot Our Cooking Spot
We Spent A Lovelyyy Afternoon
Exploring Somerset House’s Perfume Exhibition
Recommended By The Wonderful AVM Curiosities
It Was Fragrant Fun!

While You’re Waiting
Check These Out…



Snack On It!


More Soon!


Rubyyy / Rebecca / Rose

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