Eat Me…

Poster by Sly Feiticeira


Big Fat Fabulous Queer Canadians…
Eat Me!


Feast With Your Eyes!
Not With Your Hands Fuckers!
Snack On My Wit!

I’m so excited to be joining this fierce femme cast in December for some Queerlesque shenanigans! Thanks, to the glittering goddess Bianca Boom Boom! Looove Her! I’m bringing my first ever act, my signature sing and fling, with her biggest and baddest costume yet! YES! (Which I’m debuting at Bristol Burlesque Festival, which is almost SOLD OUT!). I am honoured to be playing the role of ALICE!


Roy G. Biv as The Mad Hatter
Dottie Dangerfield as The Cheshire Cat
Sultana and Gay Jesus as Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Kage Wolfe as The Ace of Spades
Bianca Boom Boom as The Queen of Hearts
Ivory as The Jabberwocky
Flare as The Caterpillar

I’ve got a few other shows I’ll reveal over the coming weeks and lots of adventures happening between Dec 11th and Jan 8th while I’m home for the holigayyys! Including *drum roll* the Prinx and I are doing all that legal matrimonial shit we don’t totally believe is necessary to make a lifelong commitment but is important in these times of global flux, trans exclusionary government and psychopathic leadership! Yes! Getting marrieeeddd!

I’m alsooo going to be teaching some workshops through the Toronto School of Burlesque – stayyy tuned – and am available for coaching: choreography, dramaturgy, polishing, conception and beyond!

I’m so so so excited to be performing in Toronto once again! I made my debut last year at the Toronto Burlesque Festival as a featured performer in two fabulous shows and it was a radiant experience! I didn’t have much energy beyond the stage time because we had landed only a few days earlier so I’m really looking forward to connecting better with the scene and meeting all the babes I can!

Alsooo first Christmas at home in several years, can’t even remember how long it has been, so I’m excited for that too…

TIX! VIP are already whizzing off the shelf!

You’re Fucking Welcome!


Rubyyy / Rebecca / Rose


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