My Name Is…

Hello Darlings!


It Has Been Awhile
Hasn’t It…

Well Skipping Straight Ahead
Diving Right In
Not Holding Back!

My name is Rubyyy Jones.
Hello Children!
You may have heard of me…
You may have heard I’m an ‘unwashed’ ‘American Lesbian’.
Well let me tell you: I’m Rubyyy, that’s with three Y’s Jones.
I’m the ‘Hairiest Burlesque Beautyyy in the World’.
The ‘Queen of Queerlesque’!
And I’m a big, fat, fabulous Queer Canadian.
You’re Welcooome!


My name is also: Rebecca. Rebecca Stewart. A name I have never liked and is rarely used. It’s my stage name for some of my daylight hours and a name my nuclear family use. For now…

And I tell you this because I think sometimes people forget I’m a person, a human, someone with a journey. I think I sometimes forget too. And no one can shame me about any step of that journey either…

Who I Was
Who I Am
Who I Will Be

I Am Proud
I Am Excited
I Am Free

I feel free and I feel scared but I am pushing through the fear because I am brave and I am inspired by my elders and mentors. Their radiant and strong voices but also their beginnings, their battles, their moves through the game of life: I study them, I remind myself and study some more. I feel scared because I know: the further I stick my head above the parapet, the easier the target I am…

The Voices Say:
Then Rise
Then Soar
Then Flyyy!

And they are so right. Remembering my elders, my mentors and my guides. The lives I have lived. The stories I have seen unfold. The push is worth the relief and release at the end. The work is honorific and for the world, not for me. If it’s for me, it’s for the world I want to see, the world I want to know and exist within. This Westworld style simulation of humanity has a bug and though it needs to be removed, it cannot be squashed. As you step on that wriggly micro beast, thousands of tiny irritated babies will buzz out of the body and scatter further and wider, in smaller crevices and the tiniest cracks. We can’t kill the bug, we’ve got to gently set it free.

Some Asshole On The Internet
Now Known As: SAOTI
Tried To Scare Me The Other Day
By Revealing My Legal Name
In My Rubyyy Sphere
Ummm… Darling

First of all. I reveal all. I always have. It’s my nature. Why? Because I have no fear about who I am and people understanding who I am. If you have followed my ten year blogging adventure, you will remember that I am an open book, that I am a hot blooded womyn, that I am so fierce I am ferocious.

Do Not Come To Me With Shame
Do Not Come At Me With Doubt
Do Not Project Your Fears Onto My Radiant Mirror Without Examining The Technicolor Wash Of Possibility You Feel

You Could Be
You Can Be Free
You Can Live Your Life, It’s Yours
It Doesn’t Matter What She’ll Think
What He’ll Think
What They’ll Think…


Underneath that
Underneath that
Yes, there it is…

Big Hugs
Big Looove
Big Light

Rubyyy / Rebecca / Rose

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